Player’s Health is an interactive mobile platform designed to allow coaches to quickly and easily document any injury that occurs during practice or games. This promotes real time communication between coaches and parents to best care for the health and wellbeing of youth athletes. Our HIPAA compliant interface simplifies the flow of youth athlete health information between coach, parent, and healthcare provider. Player’s Health fosters a personalized network of care for each youth athlete.


Player’s Health, connecting parents, coaches, and healthcare providers by mobilizing youth athlete health records.


At Player’s Health, we know that a single undiagnosed injury can threaten the life and wellbeing of an athlete. What we know makes us stronger. Player’s Health puts essential health care information at the parent and coaches fingertips. With real time communication between coach and parent, we strive to eliminate injuries that slip through the cracks. This means more comprehensive and more immediate documentation of injuries, strengthening the channels of communication between parent and coach, and putting the responsibility for the care and wellbeing of youth athletes back into the hands of the parents. With Player’s Health, no child should re-enter the field, rink, or court without the express consent of the parent.