Circle of Care
Circle of Care
Our suite of Risk Management products to help you create a safer environment for your athletes
PH Protect
Abuse and misconduct reporting software that is private, anonymous and easy to use.
PH Rehab
Injury reporting and management software.
PH Tourney Care
Tournament risk management with the PH platform plus on-demand athletic trainers from Go4Ellis.
PH Clear
Comprehensive background check services tailored to your specific needs.
PH Assessment
Get your organization's health and safety score, and learn ways to improve.
PH Cover
Insurance for your sports organization in under 10 minutes.

Where fun and peace of mind lives in sports

At Player’s Health we continue to work towards creating the safest environment for athletes. We view the health and safety of athletes as a priority in today’s amateur sports landscape. This requires creating and maintaining products that provide a circle of care for safety, trust, accountability, and accessibility for athletes. In doing so, we create a place where fun and peace of mind lives in sports.
Our Story
We have built on our own personal experiences as athletes. Using this unique point of view, we are delivering new ways to care for all athletes. Whether it is protecting, caring, treating, or insuring them, we want to be by their side. Our technology allows for us to walk with them through their sports careers.
The People Who Make Player’s Health Great.
Our Team
Our executive team brings deep knowledge and experience from some of the biggest companies in technology and consulting.
Tyrre Burks
Neil Mitchell
President Player’s Health Cover
Christopher Pesigan
Chief of Operations
Illia Pashkov
Chief Product Officer
Anastasia Kim
Director of Project Management
Sergey Milimko
Program Architect
Andrey Bout
Lead Front-End Developer
Aleksei Ustiuzhanin
Front-End Developer
Daniil Pervushin
Quality Assurance Engineer

Tyrre Burks


Tyrre Burks is a motivated Entrepreneur born and raised on the Southside of Chicago with his younger brother and single mother. Tyrre attended Harper College and transferred to Winona State University. Burks lost his mother in 2007 to a car accident involving a drunk driver, leading to the guardianship of his younger brother at the age of 24. Remaining dedicated to his family, education, and his love of the game, Tyrre became a quick stand out at WSU as a wide-receiver. After graduating Winona State University, Burks went on to play football professionally in Europe and the CFL (Canadian Football League.) Unfortunately, his entire football career was plagued by injuries and ultimately came to an end by the time he was 23 years old. Although injuries cut Tyrre’s football career short, they also gave him insight into a problem that needs to be solved, which led to the creation of Player’s Health in July of 2015. He believes the more we know about the environment we are exposing our children to, the safer we can make the sports they play everyday. Burks currently resides in Minnesota with his beautiful wife Jennie, daughter Brooklyn, and son DaMarcus.