Player’s Health Record
One platform, one wellness summary for each youth athlete. With Player’s Health, one click provides a snapshot of an athlete’s medical conditions and injuries.
Real-Time Notifications
With Player’s Health, no injury goes undocumented or untreated. The instant an injury is documented, a real-time notification is sent to the parent or guardian assuring that the proper steps can then be taken to return the athlete to play.
Health Management
By utilizing Player’s Health at the league or association level, an organization can easily track the health and wellbeing of an entire organization with one simple platform.
Compliance Management
Are your players late on turning in physical forms? The Player’s Health interface eliminates burdensome paper collection with it’s compliance management system. Player’s Health does not just simplify health and wellness management, but it simplifies compliance management. With Player’s Health, an organization can assure that each athlete has the required documents on file to be fit to play.
Health Analytics
Player’s Health strives to make youth sports safer for all participants. By storing and aggregating injury statistics nationwide, injury trends can be tracked and studied at a macro level. By identifying when and how injuries occur, this enables organizations to recognize and eliminate injury trends.
With a youth athlete’s health and wellness information on one simple platform, parents and guardians can easily and seamlessly share this information with the necessary healthcare professionals to assure that their athlete receives the medical attention he or she needs to get back on the track, field, or rink safely.