Appleton North High School
is proud to partner WITH PLAYER'S HEALTH!

Team Codes

Boys Cross Country - ANBXCC
Boys Golf - ANBG16
Boys Track & Field - ANBTF16
Girls Cross Country - ANGXCC
Girls Golf - ANGG16
Girls Swimming - ANGS16
Girls Track & Field - ANGTF16
Freshman Baseball - ANFB16
Freshman Boys Basketball - ANFBB16
Freshman Boys Soccer - ANFBS16
Freshman Girls Basketball - ANFGB16
Freshman Girls Volleyball - ANFGV16
Freshman Football - ANFF16
Freshman Softball - ANSF16
JV Baseball - ANJB16
JV Boys Basketball - ANJBB16
JV Boys Soccer - ANJBS16
JV Boys Tennis - ANJVT16
JV Boys Volleyball - ANJVB16
JV Girls Basketball - ANJGB16
JV Girls Tennis - ANJGT16
JV Girls Volleyball - ANJGV16
JVA Girls Soccer - ANJVA16
JVB Girls Soccer - ANBJV16
JV Football - ANJF16
JV Performance Team - ANJPT16
JVB Girls Soccer - ANBJV16
JV Football - ANJF16
JV Performance Team - ANJPT16
Varsity Boys Basketball - ANVBB16
Varsity Boys Soccer - ANVBS16
Varsity Boys Swimming - ANBVS16
Varsity Boys Tennis - ANVBT16
Varsity Boys Volleyball - ANBVV16
Varsity Girls Basketball - ANVGB16
Varsity Girls Tennis - ANVGT16
Varsity Girls Soccer - ANVGS16
Varsity Girls Volleyball - ANVGV16
Varsity Football - ANVF16
Varsity Performance Team - ANVPT16
Varsity Softball - ANSV16
Varsity Wrestling - ANVW16
Appleton United Hockey Team Codes:
Varsity Girls Hockey - AUGH16
Varsity Boys Hockey - AUBH16
JV Boys Hockey - AUJVH16
IN ORDER FOR YOUR ATHLETE TO PARTICIPATE, a completed Player's Health record is required. Learn how to sign up below!
Sign up

Signing up is easy!

Step 1:

Click here or go to and create a profile.

Step 2:

Fill out your athlete information to create their Athlete Health Record.

Step 3:

Add your child to the correct team by clicking 'Manage Teams' at the top of the AHR and entering in the correct Team Code from above.

Step 4:

Have peace of mind knowing that we are working together to keep your athlete safe and healthy.

Check out this video for help signing up!

What is Player's Health?

Player's Health creates a mobile, web-based Athletic Health Record (AHR) for your athletes. Each HIPAA-compliant AHR is created by, managed by, and accessible to the youth athlete's caregiver, coach, and healthcare provider. Find your peace of mind today with Player's Health.

Real time notifications

Caregivers will receive a text message and email notifications the instant an injury report is created for their child.


Once an AHR is created, the caregiver can choose to share the record.

Injury management

Anyone given access to the AHR can easily manage an existing injury.