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More than a way to easily document injuries, PH Rehab is a comprehensive rehabilitation platform that reduces the insurance-risks of mismanaging injuries by tracking athletes as they recover and providing them the proper support and “Return To Play” protocol to get them back in the game.

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Return to Play” Protocol
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Risk Management

Don’t let injuries go undocumented or slip through the cracks. Get a clear overview of which athletes are medically cleared to play, along with documentation and updates about their recovery.

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Pre-participation Evaluations

Ensuring all athlete's are healthy and cleared to play.

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Injury Management

Get a clear overview of which athletes are medically cleared to play with documentation and updates about their recovery.

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Rehab Management

Sports administrators and athletic trainers maintain a high-level overview of athlete's recovery progress, methods, timing, and more.

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Organization Management

Receive alerts when reports are made and track all abuse and misconduct claims in the Admin Dashboard.

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PH Rehab

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