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We want to make reporting as simple as possible; below are guidelines to help you choose the right option(s). If in doubt, you can always contact us with questions. The Center is authorized to respond to any report of a Phlayer’s Health Code violation involving sexual misconduct for the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee. We can also manage other types of code violations on a case-by-case basis.

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CONTACT 911 IF YOU are experiencing a life -threatening injury

Our goal at Player’s Health is to be accessible, responsive, and empathetic to anyone needing assistance. We recognize that asking for help or filing a report can be an emotional process. Our professional investigators are highly trained and always handle every situation with the attention and confidentiality you deserve.

Sexual Misconduct
Report to Player’s Health

Player’s Health handles all reports of child sexual abuse and misconduct within your organization. If you have a sensible suspicion of child abuse, sexual misconduct, harassment, innapropriate behavior, or relationships involving an imbalance of power. Player’s Health is also able to assist with reports of emotional and physical misconduct; including harassment, bullying, and hazing.

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Report Online
Sometimes you need a little help from your friends. Or a Player’s Health support rep. Don’t worry… we’re here for you.
For 24/7 Support
Contact the Player’s Helth Helpline

The SafeSport Helpline provides crisis intervention, referrals, and emotional support specifically designed for athletes, staff, and other SafeSport participants affected by sexual violence.
Through this service, support specialists provide live, confidential, one-on-one support.

Contact helpline
Contact local Authorities

Contact your local authorities if you have a reasonable suspicion that child sexual abuse or neglect has occurred. All reports of child abuse or sexual assault of a minor must also be reported to local authorities. Reports of abuse not involving a minor may also be reported to local authorities.

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