Ending Abuse in Youth Sports

The state of abuse prevention in youth sports, why it matters, and how to ensure young athletes are being protected at all levels of sport.

Which Sports Are the Safest?

After seeing and hearing stories of abuse in youth sports time and time again, we found ourselves wondering about the state of abuse prevention implementation. With the addition of the Safe Sport Act of 2017 (and the new Safe Sport Act recently published in 2020), there are rules and regulations that are to be followed. However, are those mandates getting implemented at the club level? Who is looking out for our children? Is it being implemented at the level it should be?

We knew we had to work to create action in our industry. We created an exercise to identify fifty top-ranked clubs in thirteen popular youth sports across the United States and see the level of abuse prevention procedures and policies that are in place. This paper was written not to condemn or look down on any individual or sport. It was created to set a benchmark of where we are and create action to creating a better future for all of our athletes. That is why we show up to work each and every day.



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