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Frequently Asked Questions
How long is the onboarding process?

This can vary depending on the size and needs of the organization. It can take weeks or months, varying due to factors such as: number of coaches/athletes, which PH applications are being utilized, background screening requirements, etc.

How does Player’s Health provide insurance?

Player’s Health Cover provides insurance coverage specifically to sports organizations. As insurance sport specialists we have a keen understanding of the unique coverage needs. We provide support to the many needs of not for profit organizations and have turnkey solutions and programs to many sport businesses.

Does Player’s Health have concussion training?

Player’s Health has a concussion training video that is ~8 minutes long. The information in this video comes from CDC recommendations and includes information on what a concussion is, signs and symptoms, recovery methods and timing, returning to play, and more.

Does Player’s Health offer abuse prevention training?

We partner with organizations like the U.S. Center for SafeSport, Darkness to Light, and Respect in Sport to bring our clients the opportunity to educate their members on the importance of abuse awareness and prevention.

How do investigations work?

Each investigation into an alleged incident of child abuse must be unique and individualized to the client, depending on several issues including the type of alleged abuse, who the alleged offender is, the alleged offender’s role in the Organization, the alleged offender’s age, the size and scale of the incident, and cooperation and willingness of members to participate. Our investigations will seek to provide complete organizational understanding with regard to what has occurred, along with recommendations for appropriate actions to  help ensure both that such an incident does not reoccur and that members are confident that organizational leaders are fully committed to their children’s safety and will respond appropriately to any further concerns.

For more information on the investigative team members and investigative process please review the following link:

Player’s Health Investigations will examine and deduce the gravity of the report. PH will then either close (Tier 1) the case or investigate (Tier 2). Player’s Health employs some of the very best and highly respected investigators in the country. The investigators will be responsible for all of the collection and investigation into these reports. After the investigation is complete the investigators will follow the standards set forth by local and federal laws.